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Wednesday, 22 June 2016

Shala | Marathi Kavita | Shrikant Gondhali

         Shala | Marathi Kavita | Ek Hota Kavi - Episode 1

शाळा सुटते, कॉलेज जीवनही संपते आणि पाठशिवणीचा खेळ सुरु होतो.
असे असले तरी प्रत्येकाच्या मनात मात्र जी कायम स्वरूपी दडून बसते ती असते शाळा आणि शाळेतल्या बऱ्या वाईट आठवणी. ही कविता समर्पित आहे शाळेवर प्रेम केलेल्या आणि करणाऱ्या त्या प्रत्येकासाठी ! 

|| शाळा ||
आठवणींच्या मळ्यात माझ्या भरते आज ही ती शाळा
उभा राहतो रांगेत मी मग बोलू लागतो फळा ! 
Play the full video above!!

Words - Shrikant Gondhali
Background Music - www.bensound.com

Friday, 17 October 2014

If you want to change, make sure it is Positive

Setting up goals and maintaining the checklist is one of the cool ways to monitor your progress towards a well defined path. Every path has its own challenges and so the destination. One should learn the art of adapting with different situations. I really don't mean that you are required to change everything. Each one of us is blessed with something special. When we develop the habit of fighting with different odd situations and coming out of our rest zone, we ultimately also come to know that special treasure in us. So dream big and start your journey as soon as you can. Remember that you are never late.Believe in yourself and everything and things will start working for you. I can understand that you can't really change the destination of wind but you can always adjust your sails to reach your destination. Where there is a will, there is a way...isn't it? Bravo!!
\\ Shrikant Gondhali 

Thursday, 16 October 2014

Self Improvement can not be As simple As This - It's Easy

It's easy to smile as compared to shout 
It's easy to express as compared to hide
It's even easy to believe in yourself instead of cursing blindly 
Yes, It's is to be in your own World
You are the King Maker of your own Image
Life is beautiful, Enjoy each moment at your way
It will not come back. 
Set your destination and keep moving towards it.
Life is like a bicycle, you will not be able to balance if you will not keep moving.
See, Grow and Cherish your dreams, there is nothing as beautiful as living and struggling to make things work for you.
Be genuine, be the tester of your own requirements, Think, Analyze, Anticipate and Act!
Once you start, don't stop until you reach the junction desired.
Success is a end product of continuous efforts you put, Its result of your dedicated belief, struggle and activities, Its actually the result of your habits, so get habitual to a strong mind and and strong life. You may fail. Don't worry. Keep it on, you will be there!! Just believe in yourself 

// Shrikant Gondhali 

Tuesday, 11 March 2014

Corporate Struggle for Existence !!

कॉर्पोरेट अभिमन्यू....
पाच दिवसांची लढाई असे चार आठवडे लढतो महिन्यात 
एका चक्रव्युव्हातली एक सावली नी एक मन घेऊन उन्हात 
दोन दिवसांचा ब्रेक घेऊन सोमवारी पुन्हा ताजा होतो 
कॉर्पोरेट अभिमन्यू हुशार आहे खेळ असा हा ज्याला जमतो.....!
पण हल्ली कृष्ण व्हावस वाटत मला चक्र हातात नी पुढे रथात 
आपल बुद्धिबळ आपले डाव फासे आपले आपल्या हातात 
हा सूर्य नि हा जयद्रथ करून टाकेल असा ढगांना दूर 
सार्या चिंता सारी व्यथा सूर्यास्तापूर्वी करून मंजूर.....अगदीच calculated !!

Thursday, 25 July 2013

A Ghost Story ........

Well he is known for his smartness ! Being animal he is quite brilliant ! Police have used him in several investigations ! He can almost sense everything..............
I am not talking about any man ! I am talking about a dog ! Our house owner had a doggy.A clever doggy.
He died few years back but he still barks on same time as if he is there with what he saw ! Generally we don't do post mortem of animals but as my house owner was quite crazy about his dog,he did it.Reports said that he died because of heart stroke.......
It all sounds quite unusual.Once my father slapped me hard for playin
g late night outdoor.I felt very bad but then he came and told me one story........
He told me that there lived a salesman who was our neighbour and who used to come late after his job.Our dog used to bark seeing him every night and we came to know that he had come.He was passionate about his dreams and wishlist.Once he got killed in a road accident and he died on spot.We came to know this two days later as police were busy investigating the things and they were not able to judge his damaged face....They used the same doggy and doggy took all police to his house.This is how they traced that it was he.They declared him dead and on same night after that.....the doggy died due to heart stroke........
Dad told that he listened the doggy last time when he barked.....and it was the same time when the salesman used to come.......dad says....he saw him returning home......he sensed it...and he died........
currently no one stays there in our neighbour flat and once daddy let me confirm what he was saying......

It was the same time at night , he barked who was actually not there and he opened the door who lived next to us........

I asked dad why we live here.

" He was a good man.He never disturbed the ones who never disturbed him.Don't worry.Go to sleep"

Story by

- Shrikant Gondhali